MnDOT Seeking the Publics Help for Planning EV Infrastructure

MnDOT is asking for the public’s direction on how the state should form a plan for electric vehicle infrastructure.

As part of the bi-partisan infrastructure law, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program was created to provide state funding to install fast chargers for electric vehicles.  Minnesota expects to received around $68 million from the program over 5 years, along with a 20% non-federal match.  To qualify for funding, the state must submit an infrastructure plan by August 1st.

MnDOT is holding a public input session on June 9th, from 4-6pm, during Thursdays on Fountain at Fountain Park.

Minnesota is aiming to be the leading state for plug in EV usage in the Midwest and to increase the EV fleet in the state by 20% within 8 years.