B.E Council Reaches Agreement with BEA Schools on Tennis Court Project and Considers Housing Incentive Program

The Blue Earth City Council faced a packed room on Monday night as the evenings meeting began.

First on the agenda was finalizing an agreement reached during the work session regarding the new tennis court project.  Contingent upon financing, the Council and BEA Schools agreed to split the cost of new tennis courts at the school 60/40, with the City responsible for 40% of the construction cost.  As for the maintenance of the courts, BEA Schools Superintendent Mandy Fletcher will conduct research and propose a draft as a separate agreement to the council.

The second agenda items which garnered considerable attention, was a housing incentive program proposed by several members of an informal group of business owners who have joined in an effort to recruit owner-occupied new home builds in the city.

The group presented the Council with examples of a variety of incentives local businesses have already offered.  The group asked the Council to consider if and what they would be willing to provide.  The Council agreed that the project was commendable and briefly discussed what the City may be willing to offer.  Subsequently, the discussion was tabled to allow for time for the Council to consider their options, but affirmed their commitment to the project.

The next meeting of the Blue Earth City Council is set for Monday, May 2nd, at City Hall.