Precipitation and Cooler Temps Limit Farmers in MN & Iowa Last Week

Lingering cooler than normal temperatures and additional precipitation across much of the state resulted in another week of minimal fieldwork, with only 0.2 days suitable for fieldwork last week in Minnesota, according to the USDA.

Snow continued to melt and fields remained wet and muddy.

All crops remained at 0% planted, wells behind the progress last year but not unusual historically.

Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 2% very short, 8% short, 67% adequate and 23% surplus.

In Iowa, the USDA says that snow, rain and cold conditions limited Iowa farmers to 2 days suitable for fieldwork last week.

Those farmers who have been able to do any fieldwork have been applying anhydrous and fertilizer, spreading manure and planting oats, with 13% of the expected oat crop planted, which is 5 days behind last year and 2 days behind the 5 year average.  There were scattered reports of oats beginning to emerge.

Topsoil moisture levels were rated 7% very short, 21% short, 65% adequate and 7% surplus.