Fblt Co Sheriff’s Dept Seeking Grants for Protective Equipment

The Faribault County Sheriff’s Department is seeking a grant to help facilitate the purchase of more protective equipment for their officers and for officers around the county. 

Chief Deputy Scott Adams said that the department is asking for approval to apply for a $10,000 grant from the Huisman Family Fund.  The money would be used to purchase seven new NIG 3A tactical shields.  Adams explains that the department currently has one tactical shield that is 17 years old.

According to Adams, the shields will support the entire county as a deputy will be on scene in the event of an agitated person or an active shooter.  One shield would be placed in each of the six deputy patrol vehicles and the seventh one would be for the Blue Earth Police Department.  Adams shared the department was also seeking grants from Kwik Trip and the Blue Earth Community Foundation to help cover the cost of purchasing 13 helmets.