Rep. Bjorn Olson Warns of Higher Gas Prices if California Fuel Regulations are Enacted in MN

In the Minnesota House Climate and Energy Policy and Finance Committee this week, the Minnesota House majority held hearings on legislation that would enact California fuel regulations in the State of Minnesota.

Republican State Representative Bjorn Olson, of Fairmont, said if the bill were to become law, gasoline prices would become even more expensive.

Olson says, “As we all know, nothing in California is done on the cheap.  Like me, I’m sure most residents would find another per-gallon gasoline tax increase on top of the current $4 per gallon gas to be extremely problematic.”

Olson said research finds that the regulations would cause the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel to increase by 20 cents per gallon in the near term and up to 54 cents per gallon by 2035.  The regulations would force the average Minnesota household to spend an additional $210 to $570 per year, every single year at the pump.