B.E. Council Unanimously Decides to Destroy a Dangerous Dog

During Monday night’s Blue Earth City Council meeting, the Council unanimously decided to designate a dog owned by Kandi Widger of Blue Earth, as a dangerous dog and in a second motion, unanimously approved the motion to give Notice of Destruction of the Dog, effective Tuesday.

During the course of the meeting, the public viewed several graphic photos of a 2 year old child who was recently mauled by the dog while at Ms. Widger’s home.  The incident, which occurred on Monday, February 21st, left the child with dozens of stiches on the child’s face, loss of a portion of the child’s nose, impact trauma to the child’s eye and additional significant bite and scratch trauma to the child’s lips and face.

The victim’s mother spoke during the meeting, as did Ms. Widger, the dog owner.  Ultimately, after several statements from Ms. Widger regarding her belief that this was not typical behavior of the dog and that the animal was acting out of retaliation for an incident which occurred the evening before between the 2 year old and the dog, the Board denied Ms. Widger’s request for an appeal and ordered the dog to be destroyed.

At the time of the meeting, the dog was in the care and control of the City of Blue Earth.  No charges have been filed against Ms. Widger at this time.