Active Living Coalition Presents Survey Findings to B.E. Council

After researching Blue Earth’s recreational needs for several years, the area’s Active Living Coalition presented a summary of their findings to the Council, also with members of the National Park Service.

In a quest to improve biking and walking opportunities around town, the coalition applied for and received a technical grant from the National Park Service for March of 2020.

The coalition used a portion of the funds to distribute an Active Living Preferences survey to Blue Earth residents and non-residents in early 2021.

Ashley Newson, a representative of the National Park Service, noted many of the 137 respondents value investments in walking and biking opportunities around Blue Earth.

Newson says, “It could be a way to drive economic development.

Many of the survey respondents expressed interest in new sidewalks and bike lanes around town, improved community connections, safer intersections and improved maintenance of existing sidewalks and trails.

The survey also highlighted areas the survey respondents would like easier access to via walking and biking, with access to Steinberg Park being number one.