Garlick’s Water Conditioning Secret Sound

Starting on Monday, February 1st listen to KBEW AM 1560 & 95.3 FM and 98 County for your chance to call in and win cash during the Garlick’s Water Conditioning Secret Sound contest!

When requested, call in and if you’re the correct caller, you’ll get a chance to identify our Secret Sound!  If you guess correctly, you’ll win the jackpot!  For every missed guess the jackpot will increase by $20.22.  Only 1 winner is allowed per household and all decisions by KBEW are final.

Start listening on Monday on Monday, February 1st for the Garlick’s Water Conditioning Secret Sound, brought to you by;

Bancroft Implement, your certified Case I.H. Dealer,

Hy-Vee of Fairmont,

Matson Seeds, your Beck’s Hybrids Dealer of Buffalo Center,

Electric Service Company of Blue Earth and Wells

Doolittle’s Carpet and Paints in Fairmont,

Bricelyn American Legion,

Nordaas American Homes of Minnesota Lake,

Wells VFW,

Lagers Chrysler World of Mankato,

Meyer Plumbing and Heating of Blue Earth,

Anderson Electric of Blue Earth and Wells,

Winnebago Chriopractic.