Winnebago Man Faces Four Felony Charges

A stolen credit card complaint led to four felony charges against a Winnebago man. 

A woman who had been staying with 43 year old Bryan Douglas Lempkie reported last week he used her credit card without her consent to pay a bill of more than $600.

The woman also mentioned she had seen two guns in Lempkie’s residence, according to a court complaint.  A prior conviction and a restraining order both prohibit him from having any guns.

Police obtained a search warrant and allegedly found four guns and ammunition in the house.

The woman later called police and said she wanted to drop her credit card complaint after Lempkie sent her a message threatening to “take everything she had.”

Lempkie was charged Wednesday in Faribault County District Court with identity theft, credit card fraud, illegal gun possession and tampering with a police witness.