Amboy Man Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse Following Third Trial

A repeat sex offender has been found guilty again of sexually abusing a child after a third trial.

A Blue Earth County jury found Chad Edward Danberry, 44, of Amboy, guilty of several felony counts of criminal sexual conduct following a trial last week.

Danberry’s first conviction was thrown out by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  A retiral held last fall ended with a jury unable to reach a verdict.

Danberry first went to trial in April 2019 and a jury convicted him on all courts.  He was sentenced to at least 44 years in prison.

Public defenders appealed the conviction, making multiple arguments.  A panel of Court of Appeals judges agreed with one claim that a juror might have been biased and overturned the first conviction in December 2020.

Danberry was retried in September and that jury found him not guilty of two counts but could not reach a verdict on several other counts.

A third jury found Danberry guilty of all the remaining counts.  He will be resentenced on March 23rd.

Danberry was released from prison when his first conviction was overturned, but he has since been in the Blue Earth County Jail because he did not pay bail.

Danberry has a lengthy criminal history that includes a prior criminal sexual conduct conviction and two convictions for failing to comply with sex offender registration requirements.