Fairmont Senator Rosen to Co-Chair the Governor’s Council on Justice Reinvestment

Sen. Julie Rosen will co-chair a governor’s council on reducing recidivism and preventing crime.

Rosen is the Senate Finance Committee Chair and was named by Gov. Tim Walz to the newly created Governor’s Council on Justice Reinvestment earlier this month.  The group’s goal is to improve outcomes for people on probation, thereby improving community safety.

The group plans to dig into data surrounding criminal recidivism, foster more partnerships to improve outcomes and examine state spending to see where dollars can be maximized to improve public safety.

The group includes Democratic and Republican lawmakers, as well as law enforcement, public safety experts and legal system advocates.

Rosen will co-chair the council with Kevin Reese, co-founder and co-executive director of Until We Are All Free, a non profit focused on helping people on probation reintegrate into their communities.