Film “Silent Night in Algona” Finishes Filming Near Algona

Filming for a moving about a World War II Camp near Algona for German Prisoners has concluded and the film is scheduled for release next year.

Segments were filmed at several locations in Kossuth County for the film “Silent Night in Algona” during the first three weeks of November.

Actor Bejo Dohmen, a native of Cologne, Germany, plays the role of Klaus, one of six German POW’s at Camp Algona who created a nativity scene featuring figures ranging from a foot to more than four and a half feet tall.

Other notable actors who landed key roles as POW’s in the movie include Mark Holmes, who grew up in Alabama, but speaks fluent German, Till Wolter, who was born in Germany, Carter Glade, who was born in New Hampshire, but spent a great deal of his childhood in Germany and Bodhi Rader, who initially grew up in a small farming village in Germany before his family moved to Florida.

“Silent Night in Algona” depicts events from September through December 1944.  The movie is cheduled for release in November of next year.