Walters Man Pleads Guilty to Calling in Bomb Threat to an Albert Lea School

A Faribault County man is accused of calling in a bomb threat to an Albert Lea School is pleading guilty.

Anthony Woodraska, 32, of Walters, was arrested on October 7th.  According to the Albert Lea Police Department, Woodraska was being sought on numerous theft related charges and they located him at a home in the 800 block of 3rd Ave South.

Investigators say Woodraska barricaded himself inside the home and called a bomb threat to Lakeside School to try and divert Police away so he could escape.

The school was evacuated and Police say Woodraska surrendered 10 minutes after calling in the bomb threat.

Woodraska has pleaded guilty to communicating to another that an explosive device was present.  He also entered guilty pleas to one count of felony theft and one count of offering a forged check.  Court documents state Woodraska knowingly used phony checks to purchase vehicles on September 30th and October 6th.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced on February 28th.