Two Blue Earth Men are Facing Charges in MN & Iowa following a Traffic Stop

Two men from Blue Earth are facing charges in both Minnesota and Iowa following a weekend traffic stop by Law Enforcement in Kossuth County.

On Saturday, the Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office received a call from authorities in Martin County, Minnesota requesting assistance in stopping a van pulling a trailer heading into Kossuth County.  Officials in Martin County said they had probable cause to believe the vehicle’s occupants were involved in the theft of property.

The vehicle in question pulled into a vacant farms site, at which time Martin County Deputies observed two male subjects flee from the van.  One of the occupants was apprehended while the other fled into a thick grassy area.

Kossuth County Deputies and a K-9 Unit were called to the scene to secure a perimeter and track the second suspect.  The suspect was found hiding in thick cover.

The two men were identified as 30 year old Layne Boettcher and 35 year old Dustin Reinhart, both of Blue Earth.

Boettcher was charged with having possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, trespassing and fraudulent practice in the 4th degree.

Reinhart was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and trespassing.

Both men were booked into the Kossuth County Jail and also face pending charges from authorities in Minnesota.