Winnebago County Judge Denies Buffalo Center Nursing Home a New Trial in Wrongful Death Suit

A Winnebago County District Court Judge has denied a Buffalo Center Nursing Home a new trial in the death of a woman in its care in 2017.

The family of Darlene Weaver, a Timely Mission Nursing Home resident who died in June 2017, filled a lawsuit in Winnebago County District Court against the facility in November the same year, charging the facility with wrongful death, negligence, abuse and breach of contract.

In June a jury handed the family a $6 million award.  In October, the nursing home filed a motion asking the Court for a “judgement not withstanding the verdict” and a new trial.

Last week, Winnebago District Court Judge James Drew denied both requests.

Since ample evidence was produced during the trial support the family’s claims that Weaver was the victim of negligence and that they deserved to receive punitive damages, Drew wrote, the motion was denied.