Martin County Commissioners Approve Additional Funds to Complete Courthouse Roof

The Martin County Commissioners addressed new concerns regarding the Courthouse Roofing Project at their meeting on Tuesday.

Bob Mickelson of ISG Corporation was on hand to present aerial photos of the courthouse in its current state.

Lon Gorsch, a spokesman for Renaissance Roofing, informed the Board that he’s working on gathering information to better determine how much extra cost may be involved with completing the current renovation project.

Commissioner Elliot Belgard asked if the work can be done at this time of year.   Mickelson noted the onsite shelter area is designed to allow extra time for doing masonry work.  Mickelson said they have $75,000 going toward it but need additional funds to be authorized by the board.

The Commissioners approved moving forward with whatever funds are available in the budget.

Mickelson and Gorsch said they would attempt to learn more about what type of work is needed to complete the roofing project and try to pin down a firm price before the next regular meeting.