MN & Iowa Farmers Making Good Harvest Progress

Field Conditions allowed for the rapid harvest of crops throughout Minnesota last week, according to the USDA, as 4.8 days were rated suitable for fieldwork.

Corn harvested for grain reached 70%, one day behind last year but eleven days ahead of average.  Corn moisture content of the grain at harvest was 18%.

Soybean harvest was nearly finished at 95% complete, one week behind last year but 12 days ahead of average.

Topsoil moisture supplies were down slightly to 5% very short, 16% short, 73% adequate and 6% surplus.

In Iowa, farmers were limited to 5 days suitable for fieldwork last week. 

Corn harvested reached 60%, one week ahead of the five year average.  Producers across much of the state have approximately two-thirds of their corn crop harvested, while producers in northeast and south central Iowa have more than half remaining to be harvested.  Moisture content of the corn being harvested was 18%, unchanged from last week.

Soybean harvest reached 83% complete, 6 days ahead of the five year average.   Although soybean harvest in the southern one-third of the state is still lagging behind, farmers in each of the southern districts harvested 18% or more of their soybean crop last week.

Topsoil moisture levels were rated 7% very short, 23% short, 63% adequate and 7% surplus.