USC Board Approves Wrestling Cooperative with Maple River

At last week’s meeting, the United South Central School Board approved to form a cooperative with the Maple River School District in an effort to increase overall participation in the District’s High School Wrestling program.

The agreement still awaits final approval from the Minnesota State High School League before it can officially take effect.

According to USC Superintendent Keith Fleming, the teams would dress in Maple River Uniforms for meets held in Mapleton and in USC Uniforms for events held in Wells.

The vote to pursue the cooperative agreement was passed unanimously.

USC High School Principal Julie Stauber informed the Board that total enrollment for Grades 7-12 was reported at 321, a slight decrease from the previous month.

The Board last week also approved hiring a full time English Language Learner Success Coach and to add a full time substitute position to the teaching staff.

The Board also authorized the purchase of two additional security cameras for the school playground at a cost of $3,152.