Forest City Man Get Deferred Judgement in Baseball Bat Attack

A Forest City man has been given a deferred judgement and probation as part of his involvement in the baseball bat assault of a Garner man earlier this year.

Kendrick Dyslin, 20, of Forest City and Justin Wellik, 21, of Clear Lake, are accused of attacking a man accused in a burglary in Clear Lake on May 10th, according to a criminal complaint.  The complaint alleges Dysilin and Wellik jumped out of a car while wearing masks and assaulted the man.  The victim told authorities that one of the men was punching him while the other attacked him with a baseball bat.

Dyslin recently pleaded guilty to one count of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon.  District Court Judge Karen Salic ordered that Dyslin be placed on probation and pay an $855 fine, along with victim restitution.  If Dyslin successfully completes his probation and payment obligations, the charge will be removed from his record.

Wellik pleaded not guilty to charges of going armed with intent and willful injury causing bodily injury.  He is scheduled to go on trial on December 8th.  If convicted on both charges, he faces up to ten years in prison.