Maple River Suspends Student & Lunchroom Employee for Violating School Policy

A student from the Maple River School District has been suspended for violating school policy after he drove a truck flying a confederate flag near a group of protestors earlier this week and flipped one off.

A District Lunchroom Employee has been put on administrative leave, as wells, while school officials investigate an allegation that the employee threatened a woman who brought a “Black Lives Matter” sign to a homecoming football game.

April Valliant said her son, a High School Junior, was suspended form Maple River Secondary School for five days because he flew a confederate flag from the bed of his truck as he drove past the school on Monday.  He flew a Blue Lives Matter flag along the other side.

Several students and community members were gathers outside the school to express their dismay that a man ripped a Black Lives Matter sign from a woman’s hands and threw it over a railing during Friday night’s homecoming football game.

Laura Nusser, the woman who held the sign, said she brought it to the game because of an allegation her son, who is bi-racial, had made earlier in the day.

Maple River Schools Superintendent Dan Anderson did not Specify how many students had been suspended for engaging in inappropriate behavior, but said in an emailed statement that after an investigation of both incidents, “Any students violating District policy have been suspended.”