Kossuth County Officials Release New Information In the Death of a Man Overcome By Fumes South of Algona

Officials in Kossuth County have released new information regarding the accidental death of a man from Whittemore involving a concrete storage tank.


Randy Meyer, 33, of Wittemore, died September 4th when he was overcome by fumes from an open pit lagoon at a hog site south of Algona.


An investigation by the Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office revealed that M&M Pumping LLC, of West Bend, was using an open concrete tank for storage of peptones and soybean wash water, when for some unknown reason, the tank began foaming over at the top.


The investigation further revealed that Meyer had attempted to stir the contents in the tank using a tractor and auger when he was overcome by the fumes.


An investigation by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed there are no immediate air quality concerns to the public.