BEA School Board Received Review of the New School Year at Monday’s Meeting

The Blue Earth Area School Board received a general review of the new school year from School Administrators during Monday night’s regular monthly meeting for September.  School Superintendent Mandy Fletcher noted that District Personnel have stayed up to date with the latest COVID protocols with positive input being received regarding the issue from District Staff Members, Students and Parents.


The Board approved a 2021-22 Literacy Plan for the District at Monday nights meeting, along with a memorandum of understanding with the Blue Earth Area Education Association.


In personnel matters, the Board accepted the resignation of Mikayla Wegner as an elementary teacher for the District, effective immediately.


The Board approved the hiring of Naseem Shahrivar as a new Special Education Teacher, Danielle Johannsen as an Elementary Ed Teacher and Jade Foth as a Jumpstart lead teacher for the District for the upcoming year.


Board Members also approved the hiring of Sue Farrow, Megan Jammaron and Carly Passante as new K-7 Paraprofessionals for the District, with Tani Anderson being appointed to serve as a new Paraprofessional on the High School Grade Level.  The Board also authorized the hiring of Gene Engelking as a new Custodian for the District.


Educational lane changes or step salary adjustments were approved for teachers Jennie Robbins, Paul Johnson and Kiesha Howard.


The Board also approved the retirement of Konny Wolff as a District Paraprofessional, with a new contract being approved for Leann Boettger as a three-quarter fulltime equivalent Special Ed Evaluation Specialist.