BEA District Preparing for the Beginning of the School Year

Administrators and staff in the Blue Earth Area School District are making last minute preparations ahead of the official start of the 2021-22 School Year.  Although the current COVID outlook is somewhat better than it was a year ago at this time, things are still not completely back to normal.  Ongoing challenges still exist for Administrators, Teachers and Students, heading into the new school year.


Superintendent Mandy Fletcher says everyone is adequately prepared and willing to deal with whatever challenges may lie ahead with the ongoing COVID pandemic.


The District’s maintenance staff has also been busy as of late working to ensure all of the District’s buildings are in shape prior to the official start of classes.


The first official day of school for Blue Earth Area Students in grades 8-12 will be Tuesday, September 7th, while the lower grade students will begin classes on Thursday, September 9th.