Kossuth County Authorities Asking for Help in Burglary Case

Authorities in Kossuth County are asking for the public’s help in a burglary case that surfaced Tuesday morning.


A vehicle was broken into at the Smith Lake Campgrounds near Algona.  The front passenger window was shattered and a purse was taken from the vehicle, according to the police report.


Some nearby campers reported seeing a black Pontiac Sunfire, with no front license plated, covered with dirt, leaving the scene.  The driver of the vehicle was described as being a woman with blond hair and sunglasses.  A man wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with tattoos on his right arm was also inside the vehicle, according to witnesses.


A male subject was later caught on camera attempting to use the victim’s bank cards at a bank in Algona.  Police received a call a short time later from the same victims stating that their home had also been burglarized.  An investigation by police revealed that a large jewelry box and some loose jewelry had been taken from the home.


Anyone who may have information regarding the case is asked to contact the Algona Police Department or the Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office.