City of Delavan and Johnny M’s Taking Legal Action Against Each Other

An ongoing dispute has been taking place in recent weeks between the City of Delavan and a local bar owner.  As a result, both entities are now taking legal action against each other.


Johnny M’s, which lists John Martin as the sole owner, leases the building it operates from the city.  The business has been closed since June 1st.


At a March 1st Delavan City Council Meeting, the Council voted to terminate the lease with Johnny M’s with a 60 day notice.  A second motion to revoke the liquor license of the business, if not paid by the 10th of each month, was also passed.


On August 3rd, Johnny M’s filed a lawsuit in Faribault County District Court against the City of Delavan.  Also named in the suit were Mayor Kevin Walker, along with City Council Members Christopher Kruse and Daniel Haugh.


The lawsuit states the business did not violate any law or ordinance, nor was it in breech of any term of the lease between them and the City of Delavan.


The Delavan City Council met in regular session to further address the situation on August 9th.  A portion of the meeting was held in closed session, at which time the Council consulted with their legal council concerning the lawsuit brought forth by Johnny M’s.


When the Council returned to open session, a letter from Mayor Walker, who was not present at the meeting, was read, announcing his resignation effective September 1st.