Fairmont Raceway Under Fire Following Announcer’s Remarks While Announcing at Kossuth County Speedway

The Fairmont Raceway is under scrutiny after its long time announcer recently made controversial remarks while filling in as a substitute announcer at a racetrack in Northern Iowa.


Lon Oelke is the voice of the Fairmont Raceway.


On Thursday, July 15th, Oelke was filling in at the Kossuth County Speedway, in Algona, when he made racist remarks that soon went viral on social media.


Before the races started that night, Oelke lashed out against black fans and athletes who kneel during the National Anthem.


A spokesman for the Fairmont Raceway recently indicated that he fully agrees with all of Oelke’s comments and opinions, legitimate or otherwise.


He further noted that Oelke will be back announcing at the Fairmont Raceway during future racing events.