$6 Million Negligence Settlement Against Buffalo Center Nursing Home May Be Largest in Iowa History

Officials in Iowa say a $6 million judgement made against a Buffalo Center nursing home over a woman’s death in 2017 may be the largest settlement reached to date in an Iowa nursing home negligence case.


A Winnebago County jury found that the Timely Mission Nursing Home was negligent in the care of 83 year old Darlene Weaver, who died on June 18th, 2017.


The jury awarded Weaver’s family $2 million for pain and suffering which se incurred, $1 million for her “loss of full mind and body,” $1 million for her children’s loss of relationship with her and an addition $2 million in punitive damages.


Attorney Pressley Henningson, who represented the family, said the $6 million award is the largest he’s aware of in any Iowa nursing home negligence case.


Timely Mission’s administrator and attorneys did not respond to comments pertaining to the settlement.