A Faribault County Sheriff’s Deputy Receives Honor From the Albert Lea Police Department

A Faribault County Sheriff’s Deputy has received a prestigious honor for saving the life of a person who was seriously injured during an active shooter situation in November 2020, outside an apartment complex in Albert Lea.


Deputy Briar Bonin received the prestigious “Life Saving Award” from J.D. Carlson, Director of Public Safety for the Albert Lea Police Department.


Deputy Bonin, while serving as part of a special drug investigation team involved in an active shooter situation, is credited with assisting the driver of a vehicle wo was fired upon by a sniper from an elevated distance.


The driver later stopped, at which time Deputy Bonin dragged the victim away from the vehicle to safety.


Deputy Bonin then administered emergency first aid to the victim, thus preventing the additional loss of blood while the person awaited transport to an area hospital.


Deputy Bonin’s courage under fire, bold actions and selfless dedication to duty were notably recognized by both the Albert Lea Police Department and the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office.