B.E. Council Looking at Improving City Trails and Bike Paths

The City of Blue Earth is looking at ways of making the community more appealing for bicycling enthusiasts, as well as outdoor walkers of all ages throughout the year.  During Monday night’s Blue Earth City Council Meeting, it was noted that more than 100 people have taken a survey organized by the National Park Service designed to better promote walking and biking throughout different areas of the town.  Efforts are currently being made to link existing trails within the community as a means of making the entire system more user friendly.


Several residents addressed the Council about the need for adding new tennis courts in the community in an effort to adequately maintain the local youth tennis program currently in place.  It was suggested that new facilities be added to locations such as the high school and swimming pool in an effort to benefit local youth who may have a sincere interest in the sport.  It was further noted that not having a program would be detrimental to the community and the school if notable improvements are not made in the immediate future.


The council also approved a proposal for construction testing services, as well as a recommended change order for the 2020 sailor street project.