Wbgo Council Approves Paving Project Quotes and Approves Pay Increases for 2 City Employees

At their meeting on Tuesday night the Winnebago City Council discussed three quotes for two paving projects for 2021 and discussed punch list items left on the Northwest Project.  Following the discussion, the City accepted a quote from Holtmeier and Nielsen for the paving projects.


The Council also discussed a quote for extra work to be done for the swimming pool and approved the $24,400 change order with the expectation that the city will receive $15,000 back for using their own paint and labor.


Council Members also approved the hiring of the lifeguards and pool staff for this summer, approved a pay increase of 3% for Chief Olson following his annual review, approved a pay increase of 3% for the City’s Deputy City Clerk, following her probationary review and approved township fire agreements.