Mask Wearing To End in Minnesota No Later than July 1st, Gov Walz Said on Thursday

By July 1st, the mask wearing mandate and other restrictions for public indoor spaces will be lifted in Minnesota under a plan released by Gov. Tim Walz on Thursday.  The mask mandate could be lifted sooner depending on COVID-19 vaccination rates.


The governor’s plan rolls back remaining capacity restrictions on businesses and social activities in two phases on May 7th and May 28th.


Beginning Friday, mandatory closing times for bars, restaurants and food and beverage services are lifted.


Also on Friday, there will be no limits for outdoor dining, events and other get togethers.  There will also be no mask requirement outdoors except at large venues with more than 500 people.


The second step begins May 28th, remaining capacity and distancing limits will come to an end, including indoor events and gatherings.


The mask wearing requirement would end no later than July 1st, but could happen sooner if the state can increase the rate of Minnesotans who have received the vaccine from 59% to 70%.


The governor said there will be no new safety requirements for businesses, though they must maintain their plans to keep their employees and customers safe.


Because the youngest Minnesotans are not yet eligible for the vaccine, the Safe Learning Plan for schools will continue until the end of the school year to protect students, teachers and staff in schools according to Walz.