B.E. Council Held Special Meeting To Consider Recall Petition of Councilman Huisman on Thursday Night

Thursday night, the Blue Earth City Council held a special meeting to consider a recall petition of Councilman John Huisman, who was elected last November.


A group of citizens presented a petition to the Council to hold a special recount election.


Councilman Huisman and his attorney questioned whether there was a basis for the petition and recount and whether the City Charter or State Law or decisions by the State Supreme Court took precedent.


City Attorney David Frunt said his law firm would have to remove themselves form the issue because of a conflict of interest.


Huisman told the Council he did no believe he violated the constitution or committed malfeasance and he would follow all legal options available to him.


Following the discussion, which included some of the individuals that signed the petition, Councilman Huisman made a motion to reject the recall and petition.  The motion failed 5-2, with Huisman and Councilman Dan Warner voting yes.


The Council also took a second vote to have an outside attorney, recommended by the City Attorney, to assist the City with options available to them.


The petition group also has the right to be represented by legal council at the next meeting of the Blue Earth City Council, which will be held on the first Monday in April.