A Winnebago Man Charged With Multiple Counts After Allegedly Breaking Windows, Entering a Home and Taking a Gun

A Winnebago man allegedly broke windows, then went into a home without permission, while children were inside and took a gun.


According to a court complaint, a witness reported seeing 38 year old Cody Stedman smash the windows of a vehicle belonging to a woman he knows on Saturday evening and then he went into the woman’s house.


Stedman came outside and yelled at the first Police Officer to arrive at the scene.  He claimed he lived in the house, but the woman who lives there said otherwise.


Officers reportedly found a loaded gun and a knife in Stedman’s possession.


Stedman allegedly swore at an officer and refused to take field sobriety tests, but eventually took a breathalyzer that showed he has an alcohol concentration of 0.13%.


Stedman was charged in Faribault County District Court with felony counts of burglary and theft and misdemeanor counts of DWI, property damage and domestic assault.