Iowa Gov. Reynolds Says 1,100 Fewer People Are Hospitalized Currently With COVID-19 Than Were in Mid-November

The state of Iowa’s COVID-19 numbers are at the lowest levels since late August.


Gov. Kim Reynolds said on Wednesday that there are 1,100 fewer people hospitalized now that in mid-November when the state recorded a high of around 1,500 hospitalizations.


She added that the federal government told governors this week that each state will receive a 16% increase in allocation starting next week.  That will equal out to 6,300 doses in Iowa and is guaranteed for the next three weeks.


Reynolds said; “Even with that 16% increase, supply can’t keep up with the demand,” and “I know Iowans are very eager to get vaccinated and put COVID-19 behind them.  That time is coming.  We just need to remain patient.”


In about a month and a half, more than 200,000 Iowans have been vaccinated.