B.E Council Considers Revising Bird Ordinance After Resident Request

While the agenda wasn’t terribly long on Monday night, the Blue Earth City Council meeting proved to be lengthy.  Blue Earth resident Patricia Backstrom asked the Council to review and consider revising the city ordinance which requires those who wish to raise chickens on their property to obtain approval from any neighbors.

Backstrom stated her daughter wishes to raise chickens for 4H, yet both neighbors have declined to agree to her venture.  Backstrom stated that the ordinance was unnecessarily “restrictive and punitive” at which time a discussion arose regarding neighborhood dogs running loose and how/what to do when this occurs.

Backstrom shared her experience with her neighbor’s dogs running loose on her property and throughout the neighborhood.  Backstrom reported that the dogs are pitbulls and are allowed to be outside without the safety of fencing or a leash.  Council Member Huisman express significant concerns and stated “this needs to be elevated to a higher concern,” no action was taken on the matter.

City Attorney Frundt advised to have City Administrator Kennedy research why the bird ordinance was written to include conditions requiring the approval of neighbors and report back at the next Council meeting.