Blue Earth Man Faces Charges for Allegedly Driving Drunk and Hitting a Van and a Utility Pole

A Blue Earth man allegedly crashed into a parked van and a utility pole, then fled from a Police Officer on deflated tires while driving drunk.

Fifty nine year old Jacob Shope was charged with felony fleeing police, gross misdemeanor DWI and misdemeanor leaving the scene of a crash Tuesday in Faribault County District Court.

A Blue Earth resident reported someone crashed into her van, parked on a street and fled Saturday evening, according to a court complaint.  She provided Shope’s license plate.  A Police Officer located Shope’s pickup driving with extensive damage, including deflated tires.  Shope fled from the officer for a short period before stopping, the charges say.

A breathalyzer allegedly showed he had an alcohol concentration of 0.20.

A broken utility pole was found near Shope’s residence and a pole shaped dent was found on Shope’s bumper.