Wells City Council Hears Concerns From Neighbors Concerning New Jake’s Pizza

The Wells City Council recently addressed concerns presented by Todd Carlson, a local resident who owns property adjacent to the site where the new Jake’s Pizza is being built.

Carlson made a request that the new restaurant be required to have a fully enclosed area for their garbage dumpster, an eight foot privacy fence from the alley to the sidewalk and a sign for residential parking that would apply just to the area where he currently lives.

Dawn Navaro, owner of the restaurant, recently indicated that she plans to be open from 11am to 2pm, over the noon hour and from 5pm to 9pm during the evening.

During the meeting, it was noted that the fence would not be able to stand eight feet high for its entire length, because it would create a vision problem for motorists traveling through the area.

The Council decided not to make any formal changes to the Conditional Use Permit, which was previously approved on behalf of the new business, until they have the opportunity to further review the matter with David Frundt, who serves as City Attorney.