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Country Music Month

October is Country Music Month and Doolittle’s Carpet & Paint and 98 Country are giving you a chance to win music from your favorite artists!  Listen 3 times each week, throughout the month for your chance to call in.  Be the correct number caller and you’ll pickup a free CD of one of your favorite artists!  The Doolittle’s Carpet & Paint/98 Country CD Giveway is brought to you by;
Nyman TV & Furniture, Bancroft, Looft’s Tankwagon Service & Lofft’s on Nine Liquor Here Liquor There, First Financial Bank, Winnebago, Weaver’s Leather Store, Buffalo Center, Royer Plumbing & Heating, Winnebago, Roerig Hardware, Winnebago, Jake’s Pizza, Wells, Deitering Brothers Implement, Bancroft, Hy-vee in Fairmont, CFM Motorsports, B & B Sanitation, Winnebago, Jake’s Carpet, Fairmont, Schuster’s Pressure Washer Sales & Service, Fairmont and Duane’s Felco, Kiester.
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