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KBEW Broadcast Schedule -- Winter 2017-18

Tue    21st    GBB    North Union at West Bend-Mallard
Thu    30th    WR     BEA at USC
Fri    1st     B&GBB   North Iowa at North Union
Sat   2nd    WR         Dick Maher Invite (1560AM)
Mon  4th    GBB      BEA at LCWM
Tue   5th    B&GBB  USC at St. Clair
Thu   7th   B&GBB   Fairmont at BEA
Fri    8th    GBB       USC at W-E-M
Tue   12th  GBB      Martin Co.  West at BEA
Fri    15th   BBB      BEA at Waseca
Thu  21st   GBB     USC at Martin Co. West
Fri   22nd   BBB     Bethlehem Academy at USC
Thu  28th   B&GBB Buc Invite
Fri    29th   B&GBB Buc Invite
Thu    4th    BBB    Alden-Conger at USC
Fri      5th    WR     Fairmont/MCW at BEA
Sat     6th   B&GBB  North Iowa at Newman Catholic
Tue    9th    GBB    USC at Maple River
Fri    12th   B&GBB  North Union at North Iowa
Mon  15th   BBB    LCWM at USC
Tue   16th   GBB   BEA at W-E-M
Thu   18th   BBB   USC at Martin Co. West
Fri    19th  B&GBB  BEA at Fairmont
Mon  22nd  GBB   BEA at ML/GHEC-Truman
Tue  23rd   BBB   BEA at Martin Co. West
Thu  25th   WR    St. James at BEA
Fri    26th   GBB   BEA at Waseca
Sat   27th  B&GBB  Lake Mills at North Union
Tue   30th   GBB    LCWM at USC
Thu    1st    WR     Maple River at USC
Fri      2nd   BBB    BEA at St. Peter
Thu   8th     BBB    St. James at BEA
Fri     9th     WR     Big South Conference Team
Mon  12th  B&GBB  USC at BEA
Tue   13th   GBB    USC at J-W-P
Thu   15th   WR    Section Team Tournament
Fri     16th   BBB   NRHEG at USC
Sat    17th   WR    Section Team at LSH
Mon  19th   GBB   USC at ML/GHEC-Truman
Thu   22nd   BBB   USC at ML/GHEC-Truman
Fri     23rd   WR    Section Individual at BEA
Sat   24th    WR    Section Individual at BEA

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