MN Officials Announce School Reopening Plan

Minnesota State Officials on Thursday unveiled a plan to reopen schools this fall that gives districts some flexibility to toggle between in-person and online learning.  The state still reserved the right for the state to step in if the coronavirus gets out of control in a particular district.


Gov. Tim Walz acknowledged the importance of schools and the value of in person learning, but said the state’s top priority is safety.


Districts will work with the state health and education departments to determine whether to use in person instruction, online learning or a hybrid model.  They will have the ability to become more or less restrictive depending on the virus.


BEA Superintendent Mandy Fletcher says case numbers over the last 14 days are promising as it pertains to BEA reopening.  District personnel have been working to prepare for different scenarios and the BEA School Board is expected to approve a plan.  That plan will be posted on the school’s website.  Following that, a virtual and answer session will be offered to review plans and answer any questions.