Area Power Companies Working to Restore Power

The winter storm that brought snow, rain, sleet, strong winds and ice to the area impacted travel and power in the area.


Deputies from the Faribault County Sheriff’s Department surveyed the County Thursday morning to determine the extent of the power outage.


Power poles were knocked down by wind gusts up to 60 mph and power lines that were coated with ice were snapped.


At the height of the storm, Benco Electric Cooperative reported over 5,500 outages across their entire service territory.


In Faribault County, the hardest hit areas were in and around Bricelyn and Kiester.


Power companies have been bringing in outside power line workers to assist with the process of restoring power to the affected areas and some residents have seen the power restored on Friday.


The timeline for restoring power to everyone affected by the storm is undermined at this time due to the extent of the damage to power poles and lines.