B.E. Council Sets 2019 Tax Levy

The Blue Earth City Council held its Truth in Taxation Hearing on Monday.  At the end, the Council approved the budget for 2019.  It will translate into a 3.5% increase in the property tax levy over the current year.


In September, the Council had set its preliminary budget with a levy increase at 11.3%, with a goal of getting that number down to 3.5% by December.


The City’s budget for next year shows an increase of $64,661 over the current 2018 budget.  It will go from $4.29 million this year to $4.35 next year.


In other business, the Council heard an update from Blue Earth Light and Water Manager Tim Stoner concerning street light upgrades and costs.  He suggested that Blue Earth Light and Water could forego charging the City for the cost of electricity to run street lights in exchange for the City paying more for the monthly utility billing performed by Light and Water.


The Council also held a closed session to discuss a complaint filed against a Blue Earth Police Officer.  When it came out of the session, the Council voted to put the Officer on paid administrative leave, pending an external investigation.