Jake Owen believes Life’s Whatcha Make It, and country music can be a lot like baseball

Big Loud It’s fitting that Jake Owen‘s Life’s Whatcha Make It Tour is mainly playing minor league baseball stadiums this summer, since the Florida native believes trying to have hits is a lot like America’s favorite pastime. 

“I look at it a lot like stepping up to the plate in a baseball game,” he says of releasing singles. “You’re not gonna knock every one out of the park. But you’re gonna freakin’ step up and swing as hard as you can to knock it out.”

“And if you happen to strike out, whatever,” Jake goes on. “Just get back up next time and try to knock it out of the park.”

Jake last hit #1 in 2016 with “American Country Love Song,” but his next two singles, “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” and “Good Company,” barely broke into the top 40. Now, “I Was Jack (You Were Diane),” is at #3, with a good shot at hitting the top spot.

Jake says it’s his loyal supporters that keep him going, as he continues with his baseball metaphor: “When you have fans out there, that every time you step up to the plate are on the edge of their seat, hoping you knock it out of the park, that’s a pretty good feeling.”

“And I feel blessed to have that feeling every time that I’m putting out songs,” he adds.

Friday night, Jake plays Knoch Park in Naperville, Illinois with Chris Janson and Jordan Davis, before heading for Four Winds Field in South Bend, Indiana on Saturday. 

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