Commissioners Declare County in State of Emergency

The Faribault County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting this morning. The commissioners approved a resolution declaring Faribault County in a state of emergency due to rain events that have occurred in the county this month.

Sheriff Mike Gormley and Chief Deputy Scott Adams presented the
resolution to the board. By approving the resolution the county could be eligible for possible state and or federal aid. There is a possibility of funding of some kind for private property as well.

Residents should contact the county assessor’s office to report possible damages to their property. A hotline has been set up at 507-526-6203 for residents to report their damage.

Road authorities, drainage systems and other infrastructure will be
reporting possible damages in the next few days to the Sheriff’s Department and Emergency Management Office. This is the first step in a longer process to explore funding possibilities from federal and state agencies.