City of Blue Earth Holds Evaluation of City Administrator

On Monday the Blue Earth City Council held the annual evaluation of City Administrator Tim Ibisch.


Mayor Rick Scholtes said that the Council is happy with the job Ibisch is doing for the City and its residents. 8.89 average across all categories on 1-10


Ibisch scored an average of 8.89 on the 1 to 10 scale across all categories, which is the same score Ibisch received with last year’s evaluation.


The Council also approved the sale of $4.1 million in General Obligation Bonds.


Scholtes said that the City got a great interest rate of 3.27 percent on the bonds thanks to the City’s A+ Credit Rating.


The Council also approved the Three Sisters Development Agreement.  Scholtes said it was the next step in the process to sell the three buildings to the Rural Renaissance Project group that is working on redoing the buildings.