City of Blue Earth Will Not Hold Special Deer Hunt to Reduce Deer in B.E.

There will not be a special deer hunt in Blue Earth to help reduce the number of deer within the city limits.


Monday night, Councilman John Huisman made a motion to have the City move forward with the process of implementing a bow hunt for deer this fall, the motion failed for a lack of a second.  According to Mayor Rick Scholtes says that the motion is dead for the year.


The Council did approve the bid for 13th, 15th, Moore and Galbraith Streets Reconstruction.  The bid went to Holtmeier Construction for just under $1.5 million.


Council Members also approved a feasibility study for the reconstruction of Giant Drive in 2019, approved the Mosquito Control Contract for 2018, approved the sale of excess dirt that is owned by the city and discussed changes to the fines for violating the City’s Animal Control Ordinance.