Was Tim & Faith’s “The Rest of Our Life” copied from an Australian hit?

ABC/Image Group LA Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are being sued over their latest hit, “The Rest of Our Life,” along with the song’s writer, pop superstar Ed Sheeran, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuit alleges the top-30 hit was copied from Australian Jasmine Rae’s 2014 hit, “When I Found You.” Though Rae is a co-writer on the tune, she’s not a part of the suit. Her collaborators, Sean Carey and Beau Golden, are asking for $5 million in damages plus profits, royalties and attorney’s fees.

Rae’s boyfriend, Tim Holland, works as a marketing manager for Sony Music Entertainment, Tim and Faith’s label. The suit alleges he took the song to the record company, in an effort to promote Rae’s career.

The writers’ attorney, Richard Busch, has recently come out on top in similar cases, one involving Sheeran’s song “Photograph,” and another involving Marvin Gaye’s family and the hit “Blurred Lines.”

You can judge for yourself as to whether “The Rest of Our Life” was copied from “When I Found You.” Both the Australian hit and the title track of Tim and Faith’s album are available on YouTube.

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