“Singles You Up”: How an engagement inspired Jordan Davis’s hit about stealing another guy’s girl

MCA NashvilleJordan Davis’s breakthrough hit, “Singles You Up,” happens to be a song about wanting to steal another guy’s girl. But the Louisiana native reveals the idea for the clever turn of a phrase actually came out of a very different situation.

“My buddy I wrote that with had just gotten engaged,” Jordan tells ABC Radio. “We were messing with him about how he kind of out-kicked his coverage on his now-wife and we said that he was smart not to single her up. And right when we said it, we were kinda like ‘Oh, gosh, dude! We gotta write that!’”

About two hours later, Jordan says they’d finished “Singles You Up.”

“It was a quick one…” he recalls. “Most of the time with me writing songs, it’s a super-long process and I kinda go back and pick at stuff. But that one just felt so good, and we haven’t done a lot of changin’ on it.”  

“Singles You Up” is Jordan’s first top-20 hit, as well as the lead release from his debut album, Home State, which comes out March 23. He sets out on the White Wine and Whiskey Tour February 2 with newcomer Jillian Jacqueline.

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