Listeners beware: The new LOCASH single could get you a speeding ticket

Reviver RecordsAs LOCASH launches their new single, “Don’t Get Better Than That,” Preston Brust and Chris Lucas are coming off the most successful year of their career so far, having even clinched a nomination for CMA Vocal Duo of the Year in 2017.

If you liked the pair’s #2 hit from 2015, “I Love This Life,” then the lead single from their new album was tailor-made for you.

“We wrote ‘I Love This Life,’ and it was a very positive song, made people smile,” Chris tells ABC Radio. “I feel like this one does that… — on steroids. It’s a lot faster and upbeat.”

Chris even believes “Don’t Get Better Than That” could help unite us in troubled times.

“We’re watching the news all the time and you’re seeing… all this devastating stuff happening… “ he says. “We’ve been all over this country, and I would say 95-percent of the people we meet are fantastic and just good people. And I think music brings everybody together, and this song does that.”

Preston agrees, recalling what a positive experience it was writing the song.

“We just kinda sit around and talk about all the blessings in our life,” he explains, “ and then you try to make a little bit of a story out of it. And when it all comes together… and it just makes everybody smile and drive a little faster and feel real good and roll the windows down — you know you’ve done your job.”  

Sunday night, LOCASH rings in the New Year by playing two shows at the new Opry City Stage in Times Square in New York City.

Look for LOCASH’s follow-up to The Fighters sometime in 2018. “Don’t Get Better Than That” is available to stream or download now.

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