How to succeed in country music in five years or fewer: Maren Morris gets nostalgic

ABC/Mark LevineMaren Morris’s journey from the Lone Star State to the top of the country chart likely took less time than you’d imagine.

“Just realized today is my 5 year anniversary of living in Nashville,” she tweeted late Thursday. “It was just as cold as today was, and I had as much hope in my heart in 2013 as I do today. Bless this beautiful place & the dreams it made come true.”

The Grammy winner also shared a photo of her arrival back then, hugging her mom in front of a rental trailer parked in the background.

“The day my mom and I packed a U-Haul and drove the 10 hours from Dallas to Nashville,” Maren added. “Found roommates on Craigslist and haven’t left east Nashville since.”

So how did Maren do it? She shared some advice, in response to a follower’s request.

“Be patient, lose your ego, be friendly but not aggressive, find your tribe, LISTEN, and learn from the best,” the Texas native said. “Go to [songwriters’] rounds, go to meetings, hole up and figure out why your favorite songs are your favorite. And wait.”

Maren’s third single, “I Could Use a Love Song,” is currently in the top-five, headed toward #1. It’s her highest-charting solo release so far. Last year, she made it all the way to #1 with Thomas Rhett and “Craving You.”

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